Valentines Day Basketry

Valentine’s Day -Free patterns, supplies and projects, for basket weaving

Felt Hearts

Valentine’s Day links to information, free patterns, shops and resources for basket weaving.

Valentine Heart Basket
Free instructions for how to make a basket with a heart for Valentines.

Candle Caddy
A Valentine candle caddy.

Basketmaster Weavings
A heart basket weaving pattern

Weaved Heart Basket
An origami basket design

Simple Valentine Basket
How to weave a small basket trimmed with red

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Basketry Weaving
Basketry Basics: Create 18 Beautiful Baskets as You Learn the Craft
Pine Needle Basketry: From Forest Floor to Finished Project
Willow Basketry: A How-To Guide (Weaving & Basketry Series) (Volume 1)/a>
Earth Basketry, 2nd Edition: Weaving Containers with Nature’s Materials
Indigenous Weaving, Knitting and Basketry: of the Pacific Northwest

Author: Paivi Suomi

I've had an interest in weaving, looms, yarns and textiles since I was a small child. I learned to knit, crochet, sew, do needlepoint at my mother's knee. My grandmother was a Saami from northern Norway. I am very interested in studying more about traditional Saami and Finnish style weaving and handicrafts. Paivi Suomi