Novelty Yarns

Where to find novelty, cotton, wool, rayon and designer weaving, knitting yarns or arts and craft supplies..


About cotton knitting and weaving yarns and fibre for handspinning.

Chenille Yarns

suppliers and information about cotton, acrylic and rayon and silk chenille yarns for weaving or knitting.


Suppliers and breeders of the ultimate in luxury weaving yarns and exotic spinning fibres: cashmere, qiviut, shatoosh, pashmina.


Sources, information and articles about weaving and knitting with hemp yarns and spinning fibre and blends (hemp, wool, cottons, silk

Yarn Shops

A handpicked selection of yarn shops

Handspun Yarns

Handspun yarns add a unique touch to that special weaving, knitting or craft project. If you don’t want to spin the yarn yourself, here are some spinners that can do it for you.

Mohair Fibre

Angora goat producers and sources for both mohair spinning fibre and yarns –