Guild Yarns Project

A guild weaving project using purple, lavender and metallic yarns.

Saami Band Weaving Drafts- Sunna 5

Sami Band Weaving is characterized by its complexity of geometric patterns that can be woven using simple tools. These 5 thread Saami band weaving patterns can be woven on a variety of different styles of Saami heddles such as the Beaivi, the Sunna or standard weaving heddles. In this pattern collection I am using a … Continue reading “Saami Band Weaving Drafts- Sunna 5”

Valentines Heart Weaving Draft

Valentine Heart Weaving draft woven on 6 shafts

Weaving Draft – Log Cabin

Log Cabin -Weaving Drafts patterns

Weaving Project – Twill Tabby Towels

A weaving draft for twill and tabby towels, woven with hemp yarns

Tapestry Weaving Pillow

A weaving pattern for a pillow woven using a doubleweave technique.

Fantti Coiled Basket Weaving

A pattern for making a coiled basket using Fantti wool yarn.

Handiscola Project

Handiscola – an EU funded project to teach historic Finnish textile crafts.