Computers & Looms

A history of computers and looms, and what they have in common.

Weaving tools

Weaving tools -A photo gallery of antique spinning wheels, looms and weaving equipment, found in junk and second-hand stores

Jacquard Looms

The Science Museum in London, England has some fascinating exhibits, jacquard looms, spinning equipment and other historical weaving & computer technology. Jacquard Looms Weaving patterns is an intricate task, but is also repetitive. Joseph Jacquard developed a system of punched cards, where the pattern was ‘programmed’ into the cardboard cards. These controlled the lifting of … Continue reading “Jacquard Looms”

Snickeri Weaving Loom

My New Loom (2006) After much waiting, searching, and deciding I have just purchased a new loom to add to my collection. This one is an 8 shaft countermarche made by Snickeri Looms of Sweden.I chose this one because it fits much more comfortably into my smallish flat in London. The loom is very similar … Continue reading “Snickeri Weaving Loom”

Loom Building

DIY – Free instructions, plans and patterns for building your own weaving loom

Loom Care

How to care for your loom

Handweaving – Sectional Warp

How to tie on to a sectional warp beam,a series of features showing how to warp a loom

Spears loom

Spears Loom No 3 – how to warp and weave a tapestry