Saami Band Weaving Drafts- Sunna 5

Sami Band Weaving is characterized by its complexity of geometric patterns that can be woven using simple tools. These 5 thread Saami band weaving patterns can be woven on a variety of different styles of Saami heddles such as the Beaivi, the Sunna or standard weaving heddles. In this pattern collection I am using a … Continue reading “Saami Band Weaving Drafts- Sunna 5”

Weaving Draft – Krokbragd

Krokbragd – Weaving Drafts patterns

Free Weaving Drafts and Patterns

“Free weaving patterns, projects, drawdowns, WIF files and drafts.

How to Weave Rya Rug Backing

A Rya rug can be woven and knotted directly on a loom, or the backing can be woven separately on the loom and rya knots can be hand stitched afterwards onto the backing. Here is a weaving draft and instructions for how to weave the backing fabric. The rya rug canvas is generally woven using … Continue reading “How to Weave Rya Rug Backing”

Valentines Heart Weaving Draft

Valentine Heart Weaving draft woven on 6 shafts

Weaving Draft – Log Cabin

Log Cabin -Weaving Drafts patterns

Handweaving – Name Drafting – 8 Shaft Looms

Designing a name draft on an 8 shaft loom

Corduroy Tree Ornaments

A project to weave Christmas ornaments, using a corduroy threading.