Twill Weaving Draft

One of the basic weaving drafts is the twill draft. In a twill weave, one or two consecutive warp threads are raised and two are lowered. On the following pick the next 2 warp threads are raised and two are lowered, creating a diagonal slant to the fabric. 2/2 Twill Twill and Tabby Towel Pattern … Continue reading “Twill Weaving Draft”

Weaving Drafts Swedish Rosepath

A Swedish rosepath weaving draft on 4 shafts

Weaving Draft Birdseye

Traditional Bird’s Eye Weaving Draft can be woven on a four shaft loom.

Tablet Weaving patterns No 102

This tablet woven band uses 10 weaving cards. Warp: 12/2 Linen Red – 8 ends Black – 24 ends White – 8 ends Total – 40 ends Weft – 12/2 Linen – Black Please check my PaivatarYarn Shop on Etsy for my new tablet weaving cards. I now hand dye high quality worsted wool yarns … Continue reading “Tablet Weaving patterns No 102”

Weaving Draft – Summer Winter

A free weaving pattern using a summer/winter draft

Weaving Drafts – Huck Lace

A weaving draft for a Huck baby blanket

Doubleweave pickup: bltan-pickup

Double Weave Pickup – Tantrika shows how

Handweaving – Name Drafting – 8 Shaft Looms: aa010200

Designing a name draft on an 8 shaft loom