Sigga Heddle Band Weaving

Sami band weaving has traditionally been woven using a small reed made of wood or bone. The heddle has long slots alternating with small holes for the warp. The band is woven by raising or lowering the heddle and passing the weft through the warp opening. Stoorstalka from Sweden have redesigned the traditional Saami weaving … Continue reading “Sigga Heddle Band Weaving”

A Day in the Life of Artisan Weaver

Working from home – a day in the life of an artisan weaver

Easter Tapestry

Free designs and patterns for tapestry weaving with and Easter craft theme. Easter Lily Pattern A free Easter lily pattern designed for stained glass, but could be used for tapestry. Easter Cross Tapestry Easter Crafts and Patterns Easter Beadwork Easter Knitting Patterns Easter Crochet Patterns Easter Cross Stitch and Needlework Patterns Easter Clipart Easter Weaving, … Continue reading “Easter Tapestry”

Woven Bands

Weaving Bands, Belts and Braids on small looms

Valentines Heart Weaving Draft

Valentine Heart Weaving draft woven on 6 shafts

Computers & Looms

A history of computers and looms, and what they have in common.

Weaving Draft – Log Cabin

Log Cabin -Weaving Drafts patterns

Handweaving – Name Drafting – 8 Shaft Looms

Designing a name draft on an 8 shaft loom