Dye Information

Projects, recipes and information pertaining to using natural and synthetic dyes, shibori, koolaid, jello dyes, batik other dye methods.

Ikat Weaving

Ikat is a precision dye technique.

Alpaca and Llama Fibre: alpacaandllama

Alpaca and Llama Breeders, suppliers and shops of handspinning fibres, wools, fleeces and weaving yarns

Persian Carpets

Weaving Persian carpets and rugs

Angora Rabbit Fibre: angorarabbit

Breeders and suppliers of fluffy angora bunnies, weaving and knitting yarn and fibre for the handspinner or crafter.

Navajo Rugs

The traditions of Navajo rug weaving in the American southwest


Information, free patterns, shops and resources for weaving baskets.

Beadloom Weaving

A handpicked selection of free beadwork patterns.