Verulamium Spindles and Looms

The Verulamium museum has an impressive collection of spinning and weaving tools.

Book Store: Coast Salish books

Salish Weaving Salish Weaving: Primitive and Modern, As Practised by the Salish Indians of South West British Columbia An early history of weaving, preparation of materials, native dyes and dyeing, the loom, the warp, the weaves and Salish designs. Working with Wool: A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater Cowichan sweaters, with their distinctive … Continue reading “Book Store: Coast Salish books”

Bookstore: Navajo Weaving books

A selection of books about Navajo weaving and textiles.

Rigid Heddle Band Weaving: Beaivi video

A You Tube video demonstrating how to weave using a Sami 2 hole weaving reed – The Beaivi Loom.

Navajo Rugs

Navajo patterns, designs and symbols

Craft Galleries South America: galleriessa

Weavers and textile artists in South America

Handeye Magazine

What is color all about? This new magazine explores the depths of color and meaning in textiles around the world. Handeye Magazine A small sampling of the latest issue: The Black of Ghana – West African funeral Couture “A woman with a bowl of lalle, henna, covered Eurama’s head in a thick past, dyeing her … Continue reading “Handeye Magazine”

Handiscola Project

Handiscola – an EU funded project to teach historic Finnish textile crafts.