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Weavers and textile artists in South America

How to Make a Tin Embroidered Key Chain

Tenntrådsbroderi, or embroidering with pewter or tin thread is almost a lost art. The Saami used tin thread since the 1600’s to decorate their clothing. The tin was obtained by melting down old pewter plates and dishes and was spun into thread. The use of pewter thread has recently become fashionable in jewellery items such … Continue reading “How to Make a Tin Embroidered Key Chain”

Woven Bands

Weaving Bands, Belts and Braids on small looms

Blue Skirts and Golden Belts

Blue Skirts and Golden Belts – an exhibit of Viking age textiles in Finland

Verulamium Spindles and Looms

The Verulamium museum has an impressive collection of spinning and weaving tools.

V-Neck Shaping on a Loom

How to shape a V-neckline on the loom.

Viking Textiles

Viking textiles and clothing were influenced by the cultures in which they traveled


Saami band weaving and textiles