Clothkits is a unique sewing store that recently opened up just down the street from where I live, in Chichester UK. The shop specializes in sewing fabrics that have the pattern printed onto the cloth. This is a perfect way for a beginner sewer to learn to sew. Clothkits was originally created by Anne Kennedy … Continue reading “Clothkits”


Information about how to sew, sewing patterns, sewing with handwoven fabrics.

Book Store Kimono books

Kimono pattern books

Handwoven Sewing Patterns

Free patterns and projects you can sew with handwoven fabrics.

Japanese Kimono

Patterns, designs and instructions for making a kimono. A perfect project for using handwoven fabrics.

Handweaving – Clothing Patterns

Book review: Clothing Patterns from the Weaving Room

How to Sew Handwoven Fabric

Simple instructions for How To Sew Handwoven Fabrics

Obi sash: blobi

Obi Silk Sash on exhibit at Canadian Museum for Textiles