How to Sew a Face Mask – P2

How to Sew a Face Mask – Part 2 Hem Inside Pocket Edge I created a pocket for this mask so that I could add an additional filter inside for more protection. I used the fabric for the back of the mask and hemmed the outside edge. Face Mask Assembly Pin the Front and Back … Continue reading “How to Sew a Face Mask – P2”

How to Sew a Face Mask

Pleated Facemask Pattern Since I have developed asthma and had cancer awhile ago, I have found it necessary to wear a face mask when I work with fluffy fibre or with dyes. I have been using the thin paper style of mask and haven’t been entirely happy with how they fit. I find that masks … Continue reading “How to Sew a Face Mask”

How to Make Bias Tape

Hww to Make Bias Tape Binding Cut a few strips of fabric on the bias using a rotary cutter or scissors. For this mask, I am cutting the tape to approx. 5 cm width. Sew Bias Tape into Strips Place 2 ends of Bias Tape together at an angle, so that when you sew them, … Continue reading “How to Make Bias Tape”

Wet Felting Project – Felted Cushion Cover

This is a project to felt and sew a hand felted cushion cover. Materials used: Wool roving for making felt approx 1 yard of cotton fabric 16 inch zipper 19 inch pillow form Hand made Felt To make the felt top for this pillow, I made a large piece of felt approx 24 inches square. … Continue reading “Wet Felting Project – Felted Cushion Cover”

Santa Suit Pattern

In the previous article I provided instructions for knitting a Santa doll. Knit Santa Doll Santa needs a Santa suit, so I thought that I would make him one from handmade felt. I started by felting a fairly thin piece of red felt (approx 15″x15″ Square) How to Make Handmade Felt Santa’s Trousers After felting … Continue reading “Santa Suit Pattern”

Book Store – Sewing with Handwoven Fabrics

How to Sew Handwovens Books Handwoven Tailormade: A Tandem Guide to Fabric Designing, Weaving, Sewing and Tailoring Weaving You Can Wear Fashions from the Loom Sew Something Special: Sewing with Handwoven Fabrics Hand Woven Designs Jackets & Blouses # 104, Woven to Wear: 17 Thoughtful Designs with Simple Shapes Handwoven, Tailormade Tandem Guide to Fabric … Continue reading “Book Store – Sewing with Handwoven Fabrics”

Janome Sewing Machine: aa112010

If you have been following some of my posts to our Delphi Forum, I had mentioned that I was on a search for a new sewing machine. When I moved to London several years ago, I had purchased a budget sewing machine – a Janome. At the time I knew that I would eventually need … Continue reading “Janome Sewing Machine: aa112010”

Handwoven Quilts

Threads of Time – quilts from the Mothers of Invention Exhibit