Why Do I Spin Wool

“Because we are always only a week away from the tent.” I came across this article today as I was looking through one of my handspinning books. It was written by my dear friend, Judith MacKenzie – where she wrote about something I had said a long time ago to her, when she asked me … Continue reading “Why Do I Spin Wool”

My Life with Cancer

My Dear Fibre Friends, It is difficult to write this but I feel that I must share my experiences as part of my healing process. In early July, I found a lump and went to visit my doctor. A mammogram, ultrasound and a core needle biopsy revealed that this was Stage 3 breast cancer. 6 … Continue reading “My Life with Cancer”

Armus The Evil Villain

Every evil cancer must have a name. I called mine ‘Armus’ ‘You say you are true evil. I say what true evil is – it is to submit to you. It is when we surrender our freedom, our dignity, instead of defying you.’ My battle with Armus, my breast cancer began on July 12, 2018. … Continue reading “Armus The Evil Villain”

Piece of Celery

Being of Finnish/Saami origin, I am a great coffee lover. When I first got home from the hospital after having breast cancer surgery my husband offered to make me a lovely latte. But strangely, what I wanted, craved for instead, was celery. This craving was much like those I had many years ago when I … Continue reading “Piece of Celery”