How to Add a Replacement Heddle

Have you ever threaded a warp, started to weave and then discovered that you have made a threading error? in the middle of the warp? Do you undo what you have woven so far, and rethread your loom (muttering a few unspeakable utterances as you do so?) An alternative to rethreading, especially if the error … Continue reading “How to Add a Replacement Heddle”

Rya Rug Video

How to Weave a Rya Rug on a floor loom. This rya rug is made of 100% hemp warp and weft. The video demonstrates how to cut the rya pile, tie the rya knots and weave the rug. The backing for the rug is woven in a tabby weave. The pile for the rya knots … Continue reading “Rya Rug Video”

Rya Rug Repair

Diagrams and instructions for how to repair a hole in a rya rug

How to Dye Yarn using a Solar Oven

How to make a solar oven from cardboard boxes

Needle Felted Dolls

How to needle felt little people

Norwegian Lichen Dyed Slippers

Knitting pattern for slippers dyed with Lichen

Rigid Heddle Looms

Instructions for how to warp a rigid heddle loom.

Card Woven Edging

How to weave a card or tablet woven trim to the end of a handwoven fabric.