No-Nylon Sock Knitting

Since I had cancer last year, I have spent time examining how I live and what possible environmental effects could have had an influence on getting this disease. I have had to change many things in my life and to examine what foods I eat, the types of fabrics and clothes that I wear, the … Continue reading “No-Nylon Sock Knitting”

Knitting – Shetland squares 2

A free knitting pattern for a ribknit with a twist –

Shetland Squares

Shetland Squares – Cable Wobble Knitting Pattern

Carding wool: blclipart15

Textile clipart – carding wool, weaving rag rugs

Fantti Coiled Basket Weaving

A pattern for making a coiled basket using Fantti wool yarn.

Hand Knit Hats

Handspun Romney & Blue Leicester Knitted Hats knit by our forum member.

How to Select a Fleece: aa011501

How to choose a fleece with the right crimp, staple length, strength and lustre for your handspinning.

Sheeps Wool Fibre: sheepswool

Sheep breeders and suppliers of fleece, tops and yarns for the weaver, spinner, knitter or crafter