No-Nylon Sock Knitting

Since I had cancer last year, I have spent time examining how I live and what possible environmental effects could have had an influence on getting this disease. I have had to change many things in my life and to examine what foods I eat, the types of fabrics and clothes that I wear, the … Continue reading “No-Nylon Sock Knitting”

Knitting – Shetland squares 2

A free knitting pattern for a ribknit with a twist –

Shetland Squares

Shetland Squares – Cable Wobble Knitting Pattern

Fantti Coiled Basket Weaving

A pattern for making a coiled basket using Fantti wool yarn.

Hand Knit Hats

Handspun Romney & Blue Leicester Knitted Hats knit by our forum member.

How to Select a Fleece: aa011501

How to choose a fleece with the right crimp, staple length, strength and lustre for your handspinning.

Sheeps Wool Fibre

Sheep breeders and suppliers of fleece, tops and yarns for the weaver, spinner, knitter or crafter

Wool Characteristics: aa043097

About wool and its properties