Sparto Weavers Spanish Broom

Sparto (Sparta) Spartium junceum also called Spanish Broom or Weavers Broom is an almost forgotten textile plant that is native to Mediterranean countries. Spanish Broom was introduced to North America and other countries where it has spread in many areas and has become a menace. However, Sparto was once a very useful textile plant. There … Continue reading “Sparto Weavers Spanish Broom”

Distaff Spinning

Both flax and hemp are usually sold in roving form or tow, where the flax has been heavily processed into short 2-4 inch lengths. The flax or hemp roving has often been bleached or dyed. This type of flax and hemp are quite easy to spin as a roving, using a short draw. A distaff … Continue reading “Distaff Spinning”

Nettle Yarn

Did you know stinging nettles can be handspun into yarn.

Weaving Pattern – Hemp Rep Placemats

A free weaving pattern for making placemats using hemp yarn.

Peat Moss Yarn

Fabric made from peat moss, peat moss yarn.

Weaving Project – Twill Tabby Towels

A weaving draft for twill and tabby towels, woven with hemp yarns

Weaving Project – Hemp Towel

A free weaving pattern for tea towels using hemp yarns.

From Sting to Spin: book-edom

From Sting to Spin. A History of Nettle Fibre by Gillian Edom