Visit to a Hemp Farm

Growing Hemp in the Kootenays Hemp used to be a crop that was grown in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The Douhkobors and other settlers grew both hemp and flax and processed it for their clothing. In a previous article, I have mentioned that in Canada, hemp is again legal to grow for commercial … Continue reading “Visit to a Hemp Farm”

Weaving Project – Twill Tabby Towels

A weaving draft for twill and tabby towels, woven with hemp yarns

Peat Moss Yarn

Fabric made from peat moss, peat moss yarn.

Nettles Spinning

Nettles can be used to spin fiber.


Sources, information and articles about weaving and knitting with hemp yarns and spinning fibre and blends (hemp, wool, cottons, silk

Hemp Rya Tapestry

A project to weave a rya tapestry using hemp yarns.

Weaving with Hemp

Weaving with Hemp to produce beautiful linens and fabrics

Hemp hammock

Hemp Huck and Leno Lace weaving project