Natural Dyes – Lichen

Classifying Lichen – Dyeing with Lichen

Fungi Dyes Cortinarius Semisanguineus

Cortinarius Semisanguineus mushroom gives orange and red colored dye – Fungi Dye Recipe

Printmaking with Plant Dyes

Fabrics can be printed with fungi and natural dyes.

Norwegian Lichen Dyed Slippers

Knitting pattern for slippers dyed with Lichen

Fungi Dye: Hapolopilus Rutilans

Hapilopilus rutilans Mushroom Dye Hapalopilus rutilans FI: Okrakaapa SW: lysticka Alum Mordant 3 litres water 25 grams alum 10 grams cream of Tartar Bring to boil and then let cool 100 gram wool yarn tied in skein Rinse the clean washed yarn in cool water Add the yarn into the cool mordant bath and bring … Continue reading “Fungi Dye: Hapolopilus Rutilans”

Natural Dyes

Dye recipes, and projects for the natural and organic dyer

Urine, Fleece, and Natural Dyes

The use of urine in washing wool & dyeing fleece or yarns

Spin Flora – Bamboo Staple

Bamboo Staple Bamboo staple fibre is produced mechanically via a retting process, similar to flax production. The woody bamboo stems are crushed and natural enzymes break down the stems so the fibres can be combed out and spun. This is a very labour intensive process. I have spun bamboo staple fibre before and the fibers … Continue reading “Spin Flora – Bamboo Staple”