Bead bags

Here are some free patterns for weaving beaded bags. The Bead Lady Here is a selection of free beaded bags you can make: Gold Tiger Amulet Bag, Fringe Pendant Bag, Evening Bag with Ridges. Priscilla Beadwork Book A pdf file containing detailed patterns for beaded bags, necklaces and other items from the Antique Pattern library. … Continue reading “Bead bags”

2 Hole Weaving Reed

From high-tech to low-tech weaving – My latest handweaving obsession is studying more about the weaving of narrow bands, belts and braids done by my ancestors. After finding a unique double slot weaving reed during a trip to Sweden, I did some more research on these small and portable weaving reeds used by the Saami … Continue reading “2 Hole Weaving Reed”

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Pattern books for beadwork

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