Valentines Day Basketry

Valentine’s Day -Free patterns, supplies and projects, for basket weaving

Easter Basketry Projects

Easter Baskets – ‘Free patterns for Easter basketry

Fantti Coiled Basket Weaving

A pattern for making a coiled basket using Fantti wool yarn.

Handiscola Project

Handiscola – an EU funded project to teach historic Finnish textile crafts.

Sparto Weavers Spanish Broom

Sparto (Sparta) Spartium junceum also called Spanish Broom or Weavers Broom is an almost forgotten textile plant that is native to Mediterranean countries. Spanish Broom was introduced to North America and other countries where it has spread in many areas and has become a menace. However, Sparto was once a very useful textile plant. There … Continue reading “Sparto Weavers Spanish Broom”


Information, free patterns, shops and resources for weaving baskets.

Cedar Bark Weaving: aa012699

Cedar Bark weaving on the west coast of British Columbia

Cedar Bark Weaving – Anna Billy: blabilly

How to make Cedar Bark Baskets