Twill Weaving Draft

One of the basic weaving drafts is the twill draft. In a twill weave, one or two consecutive warp threads are raised and two are lowered. On the following pick the next 2 warp threads are raised and two are lowered, creating a diagonal slant to the fabric. 2/2 Twill Twill and Tabby Towel Pattern … Continue reading “Twill Weaving Draft”

Tapestry Weaving Pillow

A weaving pattern for a pillow woven using a doubleweave technique.

Weaving Pattern – Hemp Rep Placemats

A free weaving pattern for making placemats using hemp yarn.

Weaving Project – Hemp Towel

A free weaving pattern for tea towels using hemp yarns.

Dimity Cord Weave

Dimity Cord Silk Scarf weaving pattern

Weaving Project – Mirror Warp

Weaving pattern for making a mirror warp throw.

Quilt Block baby blanket

Weaving project: Quilt Block Baby Blankets

Weaving Project – Huck Lace Blanket

Baby Blankets in Huck Lace handwoven by Beny