How Long to Knit a Sweater

How long does it take to knit a jumper?

Huck Lace Weaving: bl-lacewkshp

“Many weeks (actually months) ago I took a workshop exploring huck lace with a local instructor at our guild. The participants in the workshop graciously gave me permission to share some pictures of their work and I was to have posted it all a long time ago. The workshop was in September, and I learned … Continue reading “Huck Lace Weaving: bl-lacewkshp”

Handweaving Information

Cardboard Looms How to make a loom with a cardboard box Baby Blankets Weaving patterns and ideas for handwoven baby blankets. Clasped Weft How to weave using Clasped weft weaving technique. Computers and Looms Did you know that that computers and looms are related? Counterbalance Looms How to get a good shed. Countermarche Looms Countermarche … Continue reading “Handweaving Information”

Ladder Hem Stitch

How to make a ladder hem stitch finish on your handwoven

Wooly dogs: bl-wooldogs

Woolly Dogs, the use of wool dogs in First Nations weaving

Cedar Bark Weaving: aa012699

Cedar Bark weaving on the west coast of British Columbia

Hemp Farm: aa103098

Growing Hemp in the Kootenays Hemp used to be a crop that was grown in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The Douhkobors and other settlers grew both hemp and flax and processed it for their clothing. In a previous article, I have mentioned that in Canada, hemp is again legal to grow for commercial … Continue reading “Hemp Farm: aa103098”

Doukhobor weaving: aa062198

The Doukhobors and their Weaving heritage