Woven Bands

Weaving Bands, Belts and Braids on small looms

Blue Skirts and Golden Belts

Blue Skirts and Golden Belts – an exhibit of Viking age textiles in Finland

Viking Textiles

Viking textiles and clothing were influenced by the cultures in which they traveled

Card Woven Edging

How to weave a card or tablet woven trim to the end of a handwoven fabric.

Tablet Weaving Pattern – Belt no 74

This is my second tablet woven belt. Instead of using wooden cards, I wove this belt with the Lacis brand of plastic cards. I found these slightly easier to handle because they are thinner than the wooden ones, so fit in the palm of my hand better. I used Finnish cotton yarn for the warp … Continue reading “Tablet Weaving Pattern – Belt no 74”

Tablet Weaving patterns No 102

This tablet woven band uses 10 weaving cards. Warp: 12/2 Linen Red – 8 ends Black – 24 ends White – 8 ends Total – 40 ends Weft – 12/2 Linen – Black Please check my PaivatarYarn Shop on Etsy for my new tablet weaving cards. I now hand dye high quality worsted wool yarns … Continue reading “Tablet Weaving patterns No 102”

Bands and Braids: braiding

About braiding techniques, ply split, sprang, tablet weaving

Band weaving: aa101111

Different parts of Finland and Scandinavia were known for using different weave structures, patterns and colours.