Himalayan Rhubarb Plant Dye

Himalayan Rhubarb Dye Recipe for Linen, Cotton and Cellulose Fibres Rheum Emodi for 100 grams of fibre 20 grams Himalayan Rhubarb Dye Powder Put Himalayan Rhubarb into dye pot. Let simmer in dyepot for +1 hour at 50 deg. Add pre-mordanted wool yarn and sample fabrics. Let simmer in dyepot for +1 hour. Remove the … Continue reading “Himalayan Rhubarb Plant Dye”

Fungi Dye: Hapolopilus Rutilans

Hapilopilus rutilans Mushroom Dye bytes” BORDER=”0″> Hapalopilus rutilans FI: Okrakaapa SW: lysticka Alum Mordant 3 litres water 25 grams alum 10 grams cream of Tartar Bring to boil and then let cool 100 gram wool yarn tied in skein Rinse the clean washed yarn in cool water Add the yarn into the cool mordant bath … Continue reading “Fungi Dye: Hapolopilus Rutilans”

Natural Dyes – Madder: blmadder

An organic dye recipe for dyeing yarn with Madder root.

Sandalwood Natural Dye Recipe

Red Sandalwood Pterocarpus antalinus Red Sandalwood comes for a tree native to India and Indonesia. The dyestuff is from the heartwood and yields oranges, browns and auburn shades of colour. Time Required: 3 hours Use clean, premordanted wool or yarn. Measure the sandalwood (200% WOG) into a small dish. Add alcohol to cover and let … Continue reading “Sandalwood Natural Dye Recipe”

Natural Dyes Osage Orange

How to dye yarn with Osage orange organic dye

Natural Dyes Logwood

Natural dye recipe: How to dye yarn with logwood natural organic dye

Natural Dyes – Cochineal

How to Dye pinks and reds with Cochineal

Natural Dyes – Brazilwood: how_dye_brazilwood

How To Dye With Brazilwood recipe