Among the ancient Inca, the Aclla Cuna or Virgins of the Sun were selected from girls aged 8-10 who had special beauty. They spent their lives in temple convents and prepared food, corn beer and tended the sacred fire. They also spun very fine thread and wove garments for the emperor to be used in … Continue reading “Aclla”

Spinning Weaving Goddesses

Spinning and Weaving Mythology The textile arts of weaving and spinning have always been of great importance to many cultures. Weavers and spinners have been revered as goddesses in mythology.

Weaving Mythology

Fairy Tales In fairy tales, spinners and weavers often display qualities of power, wisdom and magic. Kalevala The Finnish epic poem, the Kalevala, has many references to the weaving and spinning goddesses. Here are some passages from this famous folklore. Spinning and Weaving Goddesses The arts of spinning and weaving have magical properties to the … Continue reading “Weaving Mythology”

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