Rebuilder Tapestry

LouLou Morris, one of the regulars to our local Stitch and Bitch group that meets on Monday evenings at The Park Tavern in Chichester, is also a tapestry weaver. Recently she was commissioned to weave a tapestry for the Chichester Cathedral to celebrate the rebuilding of the cathedral spire. Artist Statement Loulou Morris “Your people … Continue reading “Rebuilder Tapestry”

Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a cardboard loom

Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a weaving loom with a cardboard box

Weaving Draft – Summer Winter

A free weaving pattern using a summer/winter draft

Cardboard Box Loom

Free instructions for how to make a loom using a cardboard box and learning to weave tabby

Free Weaving Drafts and Patterns

“Free weaving patterns, projects, drawdowns, WIF files and drafts.