Doukhobor weaving: aa062198

The Doukhobors and their Weaving heritage

Beginner Weaving – Table of Setts

Table of Recommended Setts for Weaving: cotton, linen, silk yarns

Yarn Shops

A handpicked selection of yarn shops

Spinning Fibre Information: fibreinfo

Information about various textile and spinning fibres, their identification, characteristics and preparation

Weaving Project – Linen Table Runners

Handoven Linen table runner project

Tables of Metric Conversions

Tex, lea, yarn conversions, and standard sizes of linen and cotton yarns used in weaving..

Flax and Linen

Tow flax, linen, ramie weaving yarns for warp and weft and spinning bast fibres and blends.

Flax Weaving

Weaving and spinning with Flax and linen