Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a weaving loom with a cardboard box

McMorran Balance

How to use a McMorran balance to calculate how much yarn you have.

Handweaving Beginner basics

The basics you need to know as a beginner weaver or spinner

Beginner Weaving – Tying Warp

How to tie Warp onto Front Beam, part of a 10 Step series of articles on how to your loom

Beginner Weaving – How to Warp

10 Steps to Warping – Step 1 There are lots of different ways to warp a loom. If you use another method, that’s great! The objective is to find a method that is most comfortable and easy to use for you. I will describe a method that I use when warping from Front-to-Back. Step 1 … Continue reading “Beginner Weaving – How to Warp”

Handweavers Guild – GCW Test

Further to my last article about the Guild of Canadian Weavers, dateline 07/01/98, this is a brief overview of the Guild’s Test Requirements for obtaining the Master Weaver certification. A major focus of the GCW is “to prepare and set examinations at designated periods for the benefit of those wishing to qualify for the 4 … Continue reading “Handweavers Guild – GCW Test”