Simple Scarf Knitting Pattern

This is a super simple scarf pattern – designed for the beginner knitter – or those more experienced who like to knit scarves with bulky yarns. I have designed this knitting pattern to work with my hand spun yarns – but it will work fine with any chunky weight yarn. This scarf knitting pattern uses … Continue reading “Simple Scarf Knitting Pattern”

Sorrel Knitting Motif Pattern

Wood Sorrel -A free knitting pattern motif

Knitted Edging Patterns

A free knitting pattern for a lace knitted edging. This sample was knit using 3 ply hemp in bleached white. This edging is worked crosswise. Cast on 9 sts. Row 1 Knit 9 sts. Row 2 Sl1, K2, (K2 tog, yo)twice, K1, yo, K1 Row 3 Knit across (10 sts) Row 4 Sl1, K1, (K2 … Continue reading “Knitted Edging Patterns”

Felted Mitten Pattern

A free knitting pattern for Felted Mittens

Hat Knitting Pattern

This knitting pattern works well for handspun yarns. You can knit it to any size and gauge of yarn. Knit a sample and a needle size that is appropriate for your handspun yarn. Measure the circumference of your head or use another hat that fits you well. Multiply this measurement by the number of stitches … Continue reading “Hat Knitting Pattern”

Sock Knitting Pattern – Spiral Socks

Tuatara knit some spiral socks – here’s how

Kindle Ipad Case Patterns

How to make a case cover for your Kindle:- kintting patterns, sewing, quilting, felting

Knitting – ABC Chart

ABC – Alphabet Knitting Motif – in Capital letters on a 5 x 7 grid