Poppy Day

November 11 – Remembrance Day It’s poppy time! Why not knit or crochet a hand made poppy or two to remember this day and those who fought so that we can be safe. Please remember, if you sell any of these handmade poppies, please donate the funds to your local Legion. This is their main … Continue reading “Poppy Day”

Knitted Edging Patterns

A free knitting pattern for a lace knitted edging. This sample was knit using 3 ply hemp in bleached white. This edging is worked crosswise. Cast on 9 sts. Row 1 Knit 9 sts. Row 2 Sl1, K2, (K2 tog, yo)twice, K1, yo, K1 Row 3 Knit across (10 sts) Row 4 Sl1, K1, (K2 … Continue reading “Knitted Edging Patterns”

Simple Scarf Knitting Pattern

This is a super simple scarf pattern – designed for the beginner knitter – or those more experienced who like to knit scarves with bulky yarns. I have designed this knitting pattern to work with my hand spun yarns – but it will work fine with any chunky weight yarn. This scarf knitting pattern uses … Continue reading “Simple Scarf Knitting Pattern”

Knitting Pattern: Raglan Sweater

This is a hand knit sweater pattern that I designed for use with my handspun Shetland wool. I designed the pattern using knitting software by Knitware.ca This knitting pattern makes a raglan sleeve jumper and is knit on circular needles from the bottom up. It is knit in a simple stocking stitch, but you can … Continue reading “Knitting Pattern: Raglan Sweater”

Knitting – Shetland squares 2

A free knitting pattern for a ribknit with a twist –

Shetland Squares

Shetland Squares – Cable Wobble Knitting Pattern

Stitchcraft – Gaily Striped Ankle Warmers

Gaily Striped Ankle Warmers – Stitchcraft Dec 1948 – knit and crochet pattern.

Knitted Skirt Knitting Pattern

Vintage pattern for a knitted skirt – Stitchcraft 1949