How to Add a Replacement Heddle

Have you ever threaded a warp, started to weave and then discovered that you have made a threading error? in the middle of the warp? Do you undo what you have woven so far, and rethread your loom (muttering a few unspeakable utterances as you do so?) An alternative to rethreading, especially if the error … Continue reading “How to Add a Replacement Heddle”

Double Slot Weaving Reed

I found this Sami weaving reed in a small craft shop in Sweden. It is used to weave traditional Sami style belts and bands. The reed is similar to a standard rigid heddle but has an extra set of slots that are designed to carry the pattern warp. The regular holes and slots carry the … Continue reading “Double Slot Weaving Reed”

Wagon Wheel Rug Weaving

Instructions for how to weave a wagon wheel rug with a hula hoop or bicycle wheel frame.

Weaving Looms – Countermarche Tie-up

Instructions on How to Tie up a Countermarche Loom

Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a cardboard loom

Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a weaving loom with a cardboard box

Weaving Project – Mirror Warp

Weaving pattern for making a mirror warp throw.

Handweaving Information

Cardboard Looms How to make a loom with a cardboard box Baby Blankets Weaving patterns and ideas for handwoven baby blankets. Clasped Weft How to weave using Clasped weft weaving technique. Computers and Looms Did you know that that computers and looms are related? Counterbalance Looms How to get a good shed. Countermarche Looms Countermarche … Continue reading “Handweaving Information”