How to Warp a Band Loom

To warp my new Glimakra band loom, I use a method that is similar to the way that I warp my large floor looms, front-to-back. The total length of the band loom is about a meter, a comfortable distance to reach both the back and the front beams of the loom, if you sit on … Continue reading “How to Warp a Band Loom”

Rigid Heddle Looms

Instructions for how to warp a rigid heddle loom.

How to Warp a Saami Rigid Heddle

To put a warp onto a Beaivi Sami weaving loom is a fairly simple process. I use my warping board that is attached to the back of my loom to measure the warp – similar to preparing a warp for any other loom. While I am measuring the warp, I thread the Beaivi loom at … Continue reading “How to Warp a Saami Rigid Heddle”

Counterbalance Loom Setup

Yes, you can get a good shed on a counterbalance loom. It is just a matter of balance. The main thing to remember, is if the loom tie-ups are not centered, then weight of the shafts are not balanced, and you will not be able to get an even shed. You can even weave 3/1 … Continue reading “Counterbalance Loom Setup”

Weaving Looms – Countermarche Tie-up

Instructions on How to Tie up a Countermarche Loom

Water Jug Warping

Sandra demonstrates how to warp a loom using water jugs

Handweaving – Sectional Warp

How to tie on to a sectional warp beam,a series of features showing how to warp a loom

Beginner Weaving – Tying Warp

How to tie Warp onto Front Beam, part of a 10 Step series of articles on how to your loom