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Wet Felted Pictures

Wet felting with wool is so versatile. With a bit of wool, a length of bubble wrap, a spray bottle, some soap and water, you can make just about anything you can imagine. You can make boot liners, slippers, hats, pillows or a piece of artwork you can hang on your wall.

Paint With Wool
Paint With Wool

I use merino wool or corriedale for most of my felting work because I find that it felts quite quickly and evenly. I add other types of wool, silk, alpaca for added texture and colour.

Felt Making
To make a felted picture, the process is quite simple, though a bit time consuming.
Start by making a flat piece of wool felt. Put a large towel onto the surface of the table you will be working on. Using white merino wool, I lay down 3 layers of wool evenly across a length of bubble wrap. Gently pull the roving apart into short pieces. Lay these on the bubble wrap, overlapping each row of wool locks by about a third. Make sure that each layer is placed in the opposite direction to the previous layer so that the wool locks cross each other and intersect. I generally start by placing a layer from the top to the bottom. The second layer side to side, from the left to the right. And the third layer, working from the bottom to the top. Wool felt will shrink about 20-30 percent so make this piece larger than what you would like your finished project to be.
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After the 3 base layers have been laid in place, fill the spray bottle with warm water and a bit of dish soap. Spray the wool lightly with the soapy water. Place another piece of bubble wrap over the damp wool and gently press down on the wool and rub it with your fingers and palm of your hand for about a minute. This will allow the sopay water to soak into the wool. Now carefully remove the top layer of bubble wrap. The white wool should be a bit flattened and slightly damp. This will make it easier to lay your picture onto the top surface of the wool roving.

To make a picture I start by drawing a cartoon on paper. I refer to this as I am ‘painting’ with the dyed wools.
I lay down the basic landscape of the picture using dyed wools, the sky, the land, the river, the grass. I make sure that all the white wool from the previous layers is all covered and isn’t showing.
felting pictures

The finer details, the houses and the boat will be added later. Now it is time to wet felt the piece. I spray a generous amount of soapy water onto the felt picture. Lay down the second piece of bubble wrap onto the wool and gently press it down with the palm of your hands.

Carefully roll up the wool in the bubble wrap into a tube and roll this back and forth with your hands for about 2 minutes. Then gently unroll the wool package and straighten out the wool felt. Then roll it back up again in a different direction and roll some more. The wool will move around as you are felting, so you will need to unroll it every few minutes to move it back into shape.

Keep rolling and rewinding for about 1/2 an hour, checking every few minutes. You will see when the wool starts to felt and the fibres will bind and come together. When the felt is at a stage where the fibres are staying in place and not shifting around, then it is time to take the wool felt to the sink.

Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and a bit of soap. Fill the second basin, or a large bowl with cold water.
Remove the wool felt from the bubble wrap and gently fold it into quarters. Then dip it into the hot water. Massage the wool in the hot water for about a minute. Squeeze out the excess water and then dip the wool into the cold water and squeeze out the excess water.

Unroll the wool and re-roll it in another direction. Put the wool felt back into the hot water and continue to massage and knead the wool. Then put it back into the cold water.

The action of the kneading, and the shock of the hot and cold water will begin to felt the wool. You will notice that the structure of the wool changes. It will start to harden and also to shrink in size.
Keep kneading, and dipping in hot and cold water. You will need to change the water in the sink a few times as it warms up or cools down.

Once you are happy with the amount that the wool has felted, roll it up in the towel and squeeze out the excess water. Then hang the felted piece up to dry.
wet felting pictures

Once the felt has dried, you can then add the details to your picture by needle felting the houses, the boats and other features onto your felted picture.

wet felted art

Once I have finished the needle felting, then I add windows, doors, accents and finer details to the design with hand and machine embroidery.

felt picture

Cyprus Lighthouse

Etsy: Cyprus Lighthouse
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Feltmaking: blfelt


You can make your own felt easily, in your bath tub.

You will need a flat surface to work on, one where it doesn’t matter if it gets wet. I made the felt in my bath tub.

In summer months, I make felt outdoors, in a kid’s swimming pool. You will need access to hot water. An electric kettle will work fine or a hose attached to your hot water tap.

To make a 20″ square piece of felt, you will need approx. 5 – 6 oz. of pure wool roving. For this project I used dyed merino wool top.

felt making

Place some towels onto the flat surface or floor.

Place a straw beach mat over the towels.
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Pull the clean wool roving into small sections, about 4 – 6 inches in length, depending on the wool staple.

Place these wool pieces onto the beach mat, spreading the wool evenly across the mat.

Lay the wool pieces all in the same direction – vertically, and overlap each piece slightly, until the beach mat is covered, creating a 24″ square.

Sprinkle on a thin layer of laundry soap (powder or liquid).

Lay another layer of wool roving over the first layer, but in the opposite direction. (horizontally).

Sprinkle the layer lightly with a bit more laundry soap.

Repeat the above steps, until the wool batt measures about 1.5 – 2 inches in height.

You should have about 4 – 6 layers of wool, each alternating in direction.
The top layer can be decorative. Use different coloured wool roving and even bits of yarn for your design.

Add a bit more laundry soap


Fold the remaining length of beach mat over the fleece batt and roll up the beach mat.

Fill the bath tub with 1 – 2 inches of hot water.

Immerse the rolled up beach mat in the hot water, and turn it, to wet the wool thoroughly.

Roll the beach mat back and forth, working your hands evenly across the mat.

Keep the mat rolling in the hot water, turning it over, for about 3 – 4 minutes.

It is heat and friction that causes wool to felt, not pressure, so you don’t need to press really hard.

Remove the mat from the bathtub, and unroll it gently onto the towel.

The felt is quite fragile at this point, so gently lift it from the beach mat, and turn it 1/4 turn.

Reroll the beach mat and place it back into the hot bathtub water.
If the water has cooled, drain the tub, and refill with hot water.
Roll and turn the beach mat for another 3 -4 minutes.
Turn the felt another 3 or 4 times, and reroll in the hot water for about 3 – 5 minutes between each turn.

Test the felt by rubbing it with your finger. The fibres shouldn’t move and the felt should be quite thick. If it is still soft, turn it again and keep rolling it in the hot water.

Remove the felt from the beach mat and rinse in cool water.

Roll the felt in a bath towel, place it on the floor and stomp on it (barefoot) to remove the excess water.

Lay flat to dry.
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