Madder Root Dye

Madder Root Dye Recipe for Linen, Cotton and Cellulose Fibres All cellulose fibres, yarns and fabrics must be scoured prior to mordanting or dyeing. Please see my previous article on how to do this. How to Scour Linen For these samples, I used several different linen and cotton fabrics as well as wool yarn. Unbleached … Continue reading “Madder Root Dye”

Crockpot Dyes

How to dye yarn in a slow cooker.

3 to 120 Dye Study Project

Using 3 primary dye colors create over 120 different shades

Dye Lessons

Educational lesson plans for teaching natural dyes in schools.

Rainbow Dye Silk

Knit yourself this lightweight summer top, using a free knitting pattern made with handspun rainbow-dyed silk

How to Make A Dye Box

Stay safe when using dyes. Make yourself a dyebox

Weaving Project – Painted warp

While you can paint warps while on the loom, that sounds too messy for me. This is a method that I learned while taking a workshop with Eileen Hett and Mary Berg. The way I painted my tencel warp using Procion MX dyes was as follows: Wind warp. Tie cross firmly, but try and use … Continue reading “Weaving Project – Painted warp”

Natural Plant Dyes – Brazilwood

A simple dye recipe for dyeing reds, pinks and corals with Brazilwood.