Tapestry Weaving Pillow

A weaving pattern for a pillow woven using a doubleweave technique.

Weaving Project – Twill Tabby Towels

A weaving draft for twill and tabby towels, woven with hemp yarns

Weaving Project – Hemp Towel

A free weaving pattern for tea towels using hemp yarns.

Hemp Rya Tapestry

A project to weave a rya tapestry using hemp yarns.

Novelty Yarns

Where to find novelty, cotton, wool, rayon and designer weaving, knitting yarns or arts and craft supplies..

Crochet Water Bottle: cr-h20bottle

A free crochet pattern for a water bottle

Hemp hammock

Hemp Huck and Leno Lace weaving project

Hemp Farm: aa103098

Growing Hemp in the Kootenays Hemp used to be a crop that was grown in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The Douhkobors and other settlers grew both hemp and flax and processed it for their clothing. In a previous article, I have mentioned that in Canada, hemp is again legal to grow for commercial … Continue reading “Hemp Farm: aa103098”