Weaving – Hemp Rep Weave Placemats

A free weaving pattern for Hemp Rep Weave Placemats

Weaving Tartans

About weaving Tartans and dyeing tartan colors with lichen.

Weaving Project – Painted warp

While you can paint warps while on the loom, that sounds too messy for me. This is a method that I learned while taking a workshop with Eileen Hett and Mary Berg. The way I painted my tencel warp using Procion MX dyes was as follows: Wind warp. Tie cross firmly, but try and use … Continue reading “Weaving Project – Painted warp”

Hazards of Loom Dust

My studio is filled with weaving looms of many sizes ranging from large floor looms, to 4 shaft table looms, band looms and inkle looms. If you are a weaver, you will have noticed that during weaving, dust bunnies collect under the loom. In the past, I haven’t been too concerned about this except to … Continue reading “Hazards of Loom Dust”

Paivatar yarns

As many of you may know, I have been a handweaver and spinner for many years. In addition to managing this website, I also have another website through which I market and sell my own handspun and handwoven products. I like to work with natural fibres and eco-friendly dyes. Some time ago, I moved to … Continue reading “Paivatar yarns”

Weaving on the Atayal Loom: uc011200a

Weaving on the Atayal Loom by Kathleen Forance Johnson

Doukhobor weaving: aa062198

The Doukhobors and their Weaving heritage