Handweaving – Sectional Warp

How to tie on to a sectional warp beam,a series of features showing how to warp a loom

Beginner Weaving – Correct Sett: aa081398

Determining the correct sett for your project can be a bit of a challenge. If the same yarn is used in both warp and weft, the following formula should result in a balanced weave structure. W = Wrap the yarn around a ruler, with the yarn just touching, to determine the number of wraps per … Continue reading “Beginner Weaving – Correct Sett: aa081398”

Handweavers Guild – GCW Test

Further to my last article about the Guild of Canadian Weavers, dateline 07/01/98, this is a brief overview of the Guild’s Test Requirements for obtaining the Master Weaver certification. A major focus of the GCW is “to prepare and set examinations at designated periods for the benefit of those wishing to qualify for the 4 … Continue reading “Handweavers Guild – GCW Test”

Handweavers Guild – GCW

Become a master weaver through the Guild of Canadian Weavers

Doukhobor weaving: aa062198

The Doukhobors and their Weaving heritage

Handweaving – Fulled Cloth

Newly woven yardage must go through a fulling process

Beginner Weaving – Reed Conversion Chart

Handweaving Reed Conversion Chart

Weaving Tartans

About weaving Tartans and dyeing tartan colors with lichen.