Handweaving Information

Cardboard Looms How to make a loom with a cardboard box Baby Blankets Weaving patterns and ideas for handwoven baby blankets. Clasped Weft How to weave using Clasped weft weaving technique. Computers and Looms Did you know that that computers and looms are related? Counterbalance Looms How to get a good shed. Countermarche Looms Countermarche … Continue reading “Handweaving Information”

Handweavers Guild – GCW Test

Further to my last article about the Guild of Canadian Weavers, dateline 07/01/98, this is a brief overview of the Guild’s Test Requirements for obtaining the Master Weaver certification. A major focus of the GCW is “to prepare and set examinations at designated periods for the benefit of those wishing to qualify for the 4 … Continue reading “Handweavers Guild – GCW Test”

Beginner Weaving – Correct Sett: aa081398

Determining the correct sett for your project can be a bit of a challenge. If the same yarn is used in both warp and weft, the following formula should result in a balanced weave structure. W = Wrap the yarn around a ruler, with the yarn just touching, to determine the number of wraps per … Continue reading “Beginner Weaving – Correct Sett: aa081398”

Handweaving – Fulled Cloth

Newly woven yardage must go through a fulling process

Handweaving Beginner basics

The basics you need to know as a beginner weaver or spinner

Hand weaving – Improving Your Edges

Tips on how to weave a clean selvage

Weaving Project – Mirror Warp

Weaving pattern for making a mirror warp throw.

Weaving Draft – Summer Winter

A free weaving pattern using a summer/winter draft