Weaving on the Atayal Loom: uc011200a

Weaving on the Atayal Loom by Kathleen Forance Johnson

Hand weaving – Improving Your Edges

Tips on how to weave a clean selvage

Handweaving – Name Drafting – 8 Shaft Looms: aa010200

Designing a name draft on an 8 shaft loom

Weaving Project – Painted warp

While you can paint warps while on the loom, that sounds too messy for me. This is a method that I learned while taking a workshop with Eileen Hett and Mary Berg. The way I painted my tencel warp using Procion MX dyes was as follows: Wind warp. Tie cross firmly, but try and use … Continue reading “Weaving Project – Painted warp”

Handweaving Beginner basics

The basics you need to know as a beginner weaver or spinner

Weaving Twill Tapestry

Twill Tapestry -Weaving Drafts pattern

Weaving Drafts – Dimity

Dimity Cord -Weaving Drafts pattern

Handweaving – How to Finish Chenille

How To Finish handwoven Chenille