Hazards of Loom Dust

My studio is filled with weaving looms of many sizes ranging from large floor looms, to 4 shaft table looms, band looms and inkle looms. If you are a weaver, you will have noticed that during weaving, dust bunnies collect under the loom. In the past, I haven’t been too concerned about this except to … Continue reading “Hazards of Loom Dust”

Paivatar yarns

As many of you may know, I have been a handweaver and spinner for many years. In addition to managing this website, I also have another website through which I market and sell my own handspun and handwoven products. I like to work with natural fibres and eco-friendly dyes. Some time ago, I moved to … Continue reading “Paivatar yarns”

V-Neck Shaping on a Loom

How to shape a V-neckline on the loom.

WPA: blclipart6

Free clipart – WPA posters,

Weaving – Hemp Rep Weave Placemats

A free weaving pattern for Hemp Rep Weave Placemats

Weaving Draft – Summer Winter

A free weaving pattern using a summer/winter draft

Weaving Project – Mirror Warp

Weaving pattern for making a mirror warp throw.

Handweaving Information

Cardboard Looms How to make a loom with a cardboard box Baby Blankets Weaving patterns and ideas for handwoven baby blankets. Clasped Weft How to weave using Clasped weft weaving technique. Computers and Looms Did you know that that computers and looms are related? Counterbalance Looms How to get a good shed. Countermarche Looms Countermarche … Continue reading “Handweaving Information”