Anti-microbial Effects of Natural Dyes

Anti-microbial Effects of Natural Dyes Natural dyes are a good thing. In my research, I came across numerous research studies that have been done in the past several years about dye plants and their effectiveness against harmful microbes such as: Escherichia coli Sarcina lutea Proteus vulgaris Bacillus subtilis Klebsiella pneumoniae Staphylocccus aures Enterococcus faecalis Saccharomyces … Continue reading “Anti-microbial Effects of Natural Dyes”

Eucalyptus Leaves Dye Recipe

Eucalyptus Dye Recipe for Linen, Cotton and Cellulose Fibres On a recent trip to Greece, I collected some Eucalyptus leaves and took them home in my suitcase. I let them dry and then crushed them for use in my dyepot. for 100 grams of fibre 50 grams dried Eucalyptus Leaves Put crushed Eucalyptus leaves into … Continue reading “Eucalyptus Leaves Dye Recipe”

Eucalyptus Dyed Scarf

Having read India Flint’s wonderful book on eco colour and printing, I discovered that you can get some beautiful natural dyes using Eucalyptus leaves. So during a recent holiday in Corfu, I gathered a bag full of Eucalyptus leaves from the trees that were growing along the roadsides and thought I would give it a … Continue reading “Eucalyptus Dyed Scarf”

Eucalyptus Leaf Dye

I gathered some Eucalyptus leaves during a recent visit to Corfu. Eucalyptus makes a wonderful dye, both from the leaves and the bark. I dyed both wool and some cellulose fabrics (linen and cotton) To make the dye, I used 50 grams of Eucalyptus leaves and put them into a dye pot filled with water. … Continue reading “Eucalyptus Leaf Dye”