Urine, Fleece, and Natural Dyes

The use of urine in washing wool & dyeing fleece or yarns

Natural Dyes and Recipes

A selection of Natural Dyes and Mordants

Himalayan Rhubarb Plant Dye

Himalayan Rhubarb Dye Recipe for Linen, Cotton and Cellulose Fibres Rheum Emodi for 100 grams of fibre 20 grams Himalayan Rhubarb Dye Powder Put Himalayan Rhubarb into dye pot. Let simmer in dyepot for +1 hour at 50 deg. Add pre-mordanted wool yarn and sample fabrics. Let simmer in dyepot for +1 hour. Remove the … Continue reading “Himalayan Rhubarb Plant Dye”

Indigo Fructose Dye Vat

There are many ways to prepare an indigo vat, some use soda ash and spectralite, some use some use sulphuric acid, some use iron and some urine. For this indigo vat, I am using a fructose base. You can also use ageing fruit instead of fructose sugar. The fructose indigo vat was developed by Michel … Continue reading “Indigo Fructose Dye Vat”