Fungi Dye: Hapolopilus Rutilans

Hapilopilus rutilans Mushroom Dye bytes” BORDER=”0″> Hapalopilus rutilans FI: Okrakaapa SW: lysticka Alum Mordant 3 litres water 25 grams alum 10 grams cream of Tartar Bring to boil and then let cool 100 gram wool yarn tied in skein Rinse the clean washed yarn in cool water Add the yarn into the cool mordant bath … Continue reading “Fungi Dye: Hapolopilus Rutilans”

Eucalyptus Dyed Scarf

Having read India Flint’s wonderful book on eco colour and printing, I discovered that you can get some beautiful natural dyes using Eucalyptus leaves. So during a recent holiday in Corfu, I gathered a bag full of Eucalyptus leaves from the trees that were growing along the roadsides and thought I would give it a … Continue reading “Eucalyptus Dyed Scarf”

Natural Dyes Logwood

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