How to Warp a Loom Front to Back

I find that warping a loom from the Front to the Back, much faster and easier than the traditional method of warping from Back to Front. You don’t need to use a raddle as the reed separates the warp threads evenly across the loom. I use this warping method quite a lot as I often … Continue reading “How to Warp a Loom Front to Back”

Table Mat Rigid Heddle Weaving Project

I recently purchased a rigid heddle loom to add my loom collection (one loom just isn’t enough). I have always woven on floor looms so to return to weaving on a small table loom is a bit of a learning curve. Although the rigid heddle is a simple design, it can produce some wonderful and … Continue reading “Table Mat Rigid Heddle Weaving Project”

How to Add a Replacement Heddle

Have you ever threaded a warp, started to weave and then discovered that you have made a threading error? in the middle of the warp? Do you undo what you have woven so far, and rethread your loom (muttering a few unspeakable utterances as you do so?) An alternative to rethreading, especially if the error … Continue reading “How to Add a Replacement Heddle”

Rigid Heddle Looms

Instructions for how to warp a rigid heddle loom.

Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a cardboard loom

Cardboard Box Loom

How to make a weaving loom with a cardboard box

Hand weaving – Improving Your Edges

Tips on how to weave a clean selvage

Beginner Weaving – The Header

Free instructions for making a loom using a cardboard box and learning to weave – weaving the header