A Weaver’s Poem

To Suzanne On the loom a warp The weft to yet be woven threads to be chosen In time, the colours vivid on display Yet colour blind I couldn’t see the form you were weaving At last the artwork left to God I seek another view I touch the fabric silky soft strength yielding, yet … Continue reading “A Weaver’s Poem”

How to Sew a Sami Reindeer Bracelet Part 2

How to stitch the back of a Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet. This article is a continuation from How to Make a Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet Step 1 – How to Weave the Pewter braid ‘Pulla’ 4 Strand Pattern Step 2 – How to Sew the Pewter Braid to Reindeer Leather Please Note: I supply these … Continue reading “How to Sew a Sami Reindeer Bracelet Part 2”

How to Sew a Sami Bracelet

This article continues from Part 1 – Sami Pulla Bracelet Pattern for making a Pewter braid. Please Note: I supply these patterns and instructions for making Sami style crafts free of charge. These are provided for your personal use only. Please be respectful of the Sami and their cultural heritage and do not sell your … Continue reading “How to Sew a Sami Bracelet”

Sami Bracelet Pattern – Pulla 4 Strand

Sami style reindeer bracelets are usually made using reindeer leather and pewter thread. The pewter thread is woven into a braid and then hand stitched onto a length of reindeer leather. The bracelet enclosure is a button made of reindeer antler horn or pewter. The pewter or tin thread can be woven into a variety … Continue reading “Sami Bracelet Pattern – Pulla 4 Strand”

Crewel Embroidery Stitches

DMC – Crewel Embroidery stitches Embroidery Stitch Guide Easy Embroidery Sitch Guide Needle and Thread – Favorite Old Embroidery Books Mrs Cleaver – Basic Embroidery Stitches Little Book of Embroidery Stitches – Embroiderers Guild of America Stitch Floral – 26 Free Vintage Embroidery Books Please visit my Paivatar Yarn Etsy Shop for Natural Plant Dyed … Continue reading “Crewel Embroidery Stitches”

Rya Rug Yarn Calculations

How much yarn do you need to weave the pile for a rya rug? To answer this question, you will need to know: 1 – How long do you want the pile of the rya rug to be? 2 – How many rya threads are you going to tie per knot? 3 – How wide … Continue reading “Rya Rug Yarn Calculations”

Rya Rug Stitching Instructions

The Finnish Rya is made of knotted wool(with about a 1 – 1.5 inch pile), tied to a handwoven fabric backing. The special rya backing is woven using linen warp and wool weft. The backing is woven with spacing to allow the rya knots to be tied or sewn in. Some shifting of the weft … Continue reading “Rya Rug Stitching Instructions”

How to Weave Rya Rug Backing

A Rya rug can be woven and knotted directly on a loom, or the backing can be woven separately on the loom and rya knots can be hand stitched afterwards onto the backing. Here is a weaving draft and instructions for how to weave the backing fabric. The rya rug canvas is generally woven using … Continue reading “How to Weave Rya Rug Backing”