Nalbinding Patterns


Naalbinding Patterns
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Nalbinding is generally worked as you go along, measuring the circumference of your head, your foot, your hand, and trying it on as you go. The size and number of stitches to use, vary greatly depending on the yarn that you use, and the size of your thumb, (as the stitches are wrapped around your thumb during the needling). There aren’t a lot of detalied patterns available, but here a a few that I have found. I will continue to add to this list as I find them.

Gingerbread Man
Make a Gingerbread man using nalbinding stitches.

Candy Cane Ornament
PDF instructions for making a naalbinding Candy Cane ornament using 2 colours of yarn.

Nalbinding Small Tote Bag
PDF file for stitching a small tote bag using the Oslo Nalbinding stitch.

Spots and Stripes
PDF instructions for how to add spots and stripes to your nalbinding project.

Nalbound Bag
Pattern for stitching a small bag using Oslo Nalbinding stitch.

Sock Construction
Instructions on how to construct socks using nalbinding.

Nalbound Socks
Nalbinding socks based on the Coppergate sock using Oslo stitch.

Nalbinding Headband
How to nalbind a headband.

Nalbinding Shawl
A free Ravelry download. Pattern by Ulrika Andersson worked in Sport weight wool yarn.

Nalbinding Mitten Patterns
These are outline patterns for making mittens using naalbinding.

Fingerless Gloves
How to instructions for making fingerless gloves.

Nalbinding Hat
Nalbinding Hat

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Nalbinding Needles and Cases

Bone Wood Nalbinding Needle Case
Bone Wood Nalbinding Needle Case

I now sell Naalbinding needles and cases in my Paivatar website.
as well as in my PaivatarYarn Etsy Shop.

Nalbinding Needles
Nalbinding Needles

Nalbinding Hat Kits

Nalbinding Hat Kit
Nalbinding Hat Kit

Nalbinding Yarn

Revontuli Naalbining Yarns
Revontuli Naalbinding Yarns

Hand dyed yarns that are suitable for nalbinding can now be found in my PaivatarYarn Etsy Shop.

Nalbinding Books

Nalbinding – What in the World Is That?

Nålbindning – The easiest clearest ever guide!

New Age Looping Guide To Getting A Great Start

Nalbinding Made Easy

Handspun Nalbinding Yarn
I now sell many of my Handspun Nalbinding yarns via (Moomin53)

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