How to Needle Felt a Snowman

Making a needle felted snowman is a good beginner needle felting project. You will learn how to form a ball using needle felting, how to make indents and shapes and how to join 2 needle felted pieces together.

Needle felted Snowman

Form a small ball with the roving.
Begin to needle felt the ball by poking the wool with the needle about 10-20 times.
Be very careful not to poke your fingers – it does hurt.
Rotate the wool ball about a 1/4 turn and continue to poke the wool.
Work your way around the whole ball, smoothing and shaping the wool as go around.

Needle felted Snowman

After you have worked your way around the ball a few times, the wool will start to harden and felt.

Needle felted Snowman

Hold the ball of wool in your hand and feel for any soft spots.
Needle felt these areas a bit more, so that the wool ball feels evenly felted around.

Needle felted Snowman

The wool will continue to harden and felt the more that you needle felt it.
Before it gets to a very hard stage – where it starts to get difficult to needle felt it any more – stop.

And make another slightly smaller ball for the head of the snowman.

Needle felted Snowman

When both balls have been needle felted but are still slightly soft and squishy you are going to join the 2 balls together by needle felting them at the neck of the snowman.

Needle felted Snowman

Put the 2 balls together, and needle felt them by poking the needle through both the head and the body.
This will joing the 2 parts together because the wool is being pushed through the head and into the body of the snowman.

Needle felted Snowman

Now it is time to form the face.
Needle felt small indentations for the eyes and mouth.
Take a very small strand of black wool roving for the eyes and form a small ball in your fingers.
Needle felt the eye into the indentation in the wool.
Do the same for the other eye and the mouth.

Needle felted Snowman

Make slightly larger indentations into the body of the snowman for the buttons.
Using black wool, form small balls for the buttons and needle felt these into the body.

Needle felted Snowman

Crochet a small hat with fine wool yarn.
Attach this to the snowman’s head by needle felting it into place.

Needle felted Snowman

Crochet a small scarf and attach this by needle felting it around the snowman’s neck.

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