Sami Rigid Heddle Band Weaving

Saami Band Weaving Drafts: samidrafts

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These Sami style weaving drafts can be woven using a single or double hole rigid heddle loom. The band weaving patterns are woven using a pickup technique over a tabby ground warp.

Sami Band Weaving
Sami Band Weaving

Rigid Heddle Pickup Patterns

Band Weaving Patterns

Sami Band Weaving
Sami Band Weaving
Threading a Sami Band Weaving Reed
Threading a Sami Band Weaving Reed

How to Warp a Double Hole Weaving Reed

More about Weaving with Sami Style weaving reeds
Beaivi Weaving Loom
How to weave with a 2 hole rigid heddle loom.

How to Weave with a Beavi Weaving Reed

How to weave pickup on a band loom
Sami Pickup Weaving Patterns
Saami Beaivi Loom Weaving Workshops
Beginner Saami Pickup Band Weaving Learn the basics of how to weave pickup using a Beaivi double hole rigid heddle loom.
Warp a Beaivi Loom Workshop Learn how to warp a Beaivi loom and how to weave pickup patterns.

Stoorstalka Weaving Reeds
A traditional Sami weaving reed made of modern materials. Stoorstalka now makes several designs of Sami Weaving reeds: standard, double slot ‘Sunna’ and double hole ‘Beaivi’ – and also a new Sami style weaving shuttle ‘Gehpa’. Wonderful!

You can now purchase them in my PaivatarYarn Etsy Shop

Beaivi Style Sami Weaving Reed
Beaivi Style Sami Weaving Reed
Wooden Weaving Shuttels
Wooden Weaving Shuttels

My Saami Heritage

Saami Music – Itunes

Binna Banna – Kikki Aikio
Áphi (Wide As Oceans) – Sofia Jannok
Ulda – Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda
The Kautokeino Rebellion (Music from the Movie) – Herman Rundberg, Mari Boine & Svein Schultz
Beaivi, Áhcázan (The Sun, My Father) – Nils-Aslak Valkeapää

Sami Band Weaving Books

Sue Foulkes has written a few books about Sami band weaving and using a Sunna heddle.
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Band Weaving Books
Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design with 5, 7, and 9 Pattern Threads
Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving
Handwoven Tape: Understanding and Weaving Early American and Contemporary Tape
Band Weaving: The Techniques, Looms, and Uses for Woven Bands
Weaving Bands: Woven bands / Table Bands / Plaited Bands / Insertion Bands

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