Coiled Wool Basket Pattern

Fantti yarn is a new type of yarn from Finland. Fantti yarn is wool pencil roving that has been slightly felted. It can be used for making baskets, woven as weft for flat or tufted rugs, tapestries or other creative textile projects.

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  • Cut 6 strands of 12 ply hemp (white) each 24 inches long
  • Cut 6 strands of 12 ply hemp (natural)each 24 inches long
  • (Substitute strong linen or cotton yarn)
  • Weave (interlace) them together to form the base for the basket
  • If you find them a bit tricky to weave together you can use tape to secure the yarn ends to a table while you are weaving them.

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  • Using the Fantti yarn begin to weave the yarn in a circular fashion around the woven square base of the basket, leaving an end of approx. 2 inches. This end will be woven into the base of the basket after you have finished.
  • Each alternate “warp” hemp thread goes under the Fantti “weft” thread, loops around and back under around the Fantti “weft” thread. This forms a loop around the Fantti yarn The alternate “warp” thread is simply looped over the Fantti yarn.
  • On the next row of the alternate warp thread is looped around the Fantti weft thread.
  • Once you have worked around a couple of rows, pull and tighten the hemp “warp” threads.
  • Continue weaving in this fashion to complete the basket.

fantti-8.jpg, 28880 bytes

  • Weave the basket until you have approx. 1 inch of warp threads remaining. Wrap these around the top row of the basket.
  • Weave the end of the warp thread to the inside rim of the basket and trim. I used a small crochet hook to tuck the ends in.

Fantti Yarn

Where to find Fantti yarn.
Fantti Yarn Rug
An example of a rug woven with Fantti wool yarn.

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