Shamrock Cross Stitch
A free stitching pattern for a Shamrock.

Shamrocks Towel
A shamrock motif that can be stitched onto a towel or used as a border.

Shamrock Motif
Here is a simple shamrock

St. Patrick’s Day Crochet
St. Patrick’s Day Knitting
St. Patrick’s Day Cross Stitch
St. Patrick’s Day Beadwork

Celtic Knitting

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Cross stitch Kits


Ebay Finds

Baby Steps Pre-Finished Travel Storage Organizer Cat Duck Bear Cross Stitch Kit - Current price: $9.49 - Auction

VINTAGE Pauline Denham Crewel Embroidery Kit PRAYER SAMPLER - Current price: $6.47

Vintage 1978 Artcraft Concepts Crewel Embroidery Lamp and Ivy Kit #3819 - Current price: $7.77

- Current price: $8.64

- Current price: $8.64

Ornaments Bell Pull Cross Stitch Kit Designs for the Needle 5X26 Sealed Kit - Current price: $14.99