Handspun Silk Top
Rainbow-dyed silk knits up into a lightweight summer top.

Silk Wallets
Rainbow-dyed woven wallets made with handspun silk caps.

Silk Worms
Did you know that a silk worm can spin a thread 2 miles long?

Whitchurch Silk Mill
A visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill, a working silk mill producing silk yardage, using 19th Century looms.

Colinette Textile Alchemy
Colinette has an extraordinary selection of hand-dyed yarns: silk, mohair, wools, cottons.

Department of Textiles
From the Smithsonian Institution, information on the silk trade. (bottom part of the page).

Look China
Look China imports exotic Chinese cashmere, camel, silk and yak spinning fibres and yarns.

Louet supplies luxury weaving yarns and spinning top: silk, merino, corriedale, mohair, alpaca, linen.

Nishikie Gallery
The Silk Laboratory at the Shinshu University has some wonderful images from the gallery showing seriaculture.

Paradise Fibers
Paradise fibers searches for luxurious fibres from around the world, including, combed bombyx and tussah silk, cultivated silk top, bricks and bells.

Robin and Russ
Robin and Russ has an interesting supply of weaving yarns, too numerous to list fully on their website.

Silk Museum
The Silk Museum in the Netherlands takes you to the miraculous world of silk, showing the process from the silkworm to the handpainted silken product.

Treenway Silks
Treenway has luscious silks and lots of great info about silk too.

Silk Yarn – EBay Watch


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