I bought a Kindle for myself about a month ago. I have been using it a lot, throwing it into my bag as I’m headed out the door. I thought about making a case for it but haven’t found the time yet. This weekend I took out my Kindle and thought I would settle down and do a bit of reading. I was very horrified to find that my Kindle screen was broken. I haven’t dropped it, and thought I had been careful not to scratch it. The glass itself doesn’t look like it has a crack in it but the etext was garbled and unreadable.
I phoned Amazon Customer support and they were very helpful. My Kindle is being replaced and a new one will arrive tomorrow.
I think it is time to make a sleeve to protect my Kindle.

Kindle Sock Pattern
The pattern for the sock that I knit and felted to protect my new Kindle from future damage.

Kindle Craft Books
Knitting, crochet, weaving, felting, and other craft books for Kindle.

Quilted Kindle Case Cover
A how-to quilting pattern for a Kindle case.

Felted Kindle Case
This Kindle case is sewn using felt fabric.

Kindle Pocket
A handknit Kindle pocket with a cable design.

Entrelac Kindle Cozy
A pretty Kindle case knit in entrelac.

Cassie’s Kindle Cover
Handknit pattern using cotton yarn and lined with fabric.

Bear Claw Kindle
A knit Kindle case with a bearclaw pattern.

Mock Cable Kindle
Knit a Kindle sleeve with a mock cable pattern using cotton yarns.

Kindle Sweater
A Kindle sweater in plain knit.

Knitting Patterns

Kindle Sock Knitting Pattern
ABC Knitting Motif
Christmas Knitting Motifs
Sarah Lund Brown Jumper Motif
Sarah Lund White Jumper Motif
Rose Motif

Textile books for Kindle

EBay Watch – Kindle Case


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