Huck Lace Workshop

“Many weeks (actually months) ago I took a workshop exploring huck lace with a local instructor at our guild. The participants in the workshop graciously gave me permission to share some pictures of their work and I was to have posted it all a long time ago. The workshop was in September, and I learned a great deal about working with and designing in huck. My warp is the nice bright pink one (16/2 cotton). The rust coloured warp is also 16/2 cotton and the others are 16/2 linen.

As a result of this workshop, I am now working with huck lace to make napkins and placemats (and when these are done, I will share some pictures). They are made of 16/2 orlon in purple. I have many cones of this stuff, so might tie on if time and interest permit.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.”

Posted by Sandra

huck lace

Huck Lace Weaving

Huck Lace Weaving Draft
Huck Lace Blanket
Hemp Hammock
Huck Lace Draft
Leno Lace Pickup

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