Hemp Huck and Leno Lace

I wanted to design a hammock using hemp yarns, that I could hang out on my deck, and enjoy a restful summer afternoon. I chose hemp because of its strength and also its mildew resistance. I wanted the hammock to be quite light and airy looking, but still able to weather the outdoors. I had some 3 ply hemp yarn on hand that I had used for rug warp previously, so knew that it would be fairly strong.

leno lace

I used a 10 dent reed and sett it using a “cram and space” threading. I sett it at 12 epi, threaded the yarn at 2 ends per dent – twice and then skipped a dent. (2, 2, skip) Each group of 4 threads made it fairly easy to do a leno lace pickup.

For added interest, I also used a huck lace threading, making 2 inch square huck lace blocks, alternating with plain tabby threading.

huck draft
[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”https://www.allfiberarts.com/2011/aa051600.htm” image_url=”https://www.allfiberarts.com/library/graphics/weave/huck.jpg” description=”Hemp Hammock Huck lace draft “]

Huck Lace and Pick-up Leno Lace

  • Warp Yarn: 3 Ply Hemp 1500 ypp
  • Substitute yarn: Linen yarn of a similar weight can be used
  • Length: 4 yards
  • Sett: 12 epi
  • Using 10 Dent Reed – Thread through reed at 2 per dent , 2, skip
  • Width in Reed: 40″
  • No. Ends: 480
  • Total Warp: 1920 yards
  • Weft: 10/3 Hemp
  • 10 p.p.i.

Weave huck lace block (2″)

Weave tabby 1″

Weave leno lace pickup – 1 row

Weave tabby 1″



Cut off the loom and hemstitch the ends. Fold each end over to form a tube wide enough to put a metal rod through and hang.

An alternate method of hanging would be to leave about a yard of warp unwoven at each end. Braid the warp ends and use them for hanging the hammock. You will need to add additional warp for this.

Hemp yarns can be a bit difficult to find sometimes. Some hemp yarn sources are listed in our library. If you are unable to find hemp, you can substitute with a linen yarn of a similar weight.

Lace Trade in Bohemia

A study of textiles show that lacemaking and complex weaves date back to the 5th century and have similarities to netting, crochet and knitting.

Huck Lace Drafts
Do you want to try weaving huck lace? Here are some draft variations for this lovely weave structure.

Weaving Leno Lace
Step-by-step instructions for weaving leno lace pickup.

Weaving with Hemp
Hemp is making a comeback with weavers and knitters.

Hemp Suppliers
Are you thinking of trying out this new and exciting yarn? Here are some places you can find hemp yarns.

Weaving Books: Handwoven Lace

Huck Lace: The Best of Weaver’s (Best of Weaver’s series)
A variety of drafts for weaving huck lace.

LACE AND LACEY WEAVES: A compilation of 86 Lace & Lacey Weave projects with complete worksheets. Revised.

Handwoven Laces
Hand weavers can use a loom to quickly produce lovely lacy fabrics. The loom-controlled textures depend upon groups of threads that work together and do not reveal their full effect until the cloth comes off the loom.

A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving: Traditional and Modified Uses
Historic Latvian household textiles along with contemporary projects that adapt traditional weave structures to the creation of linens, coverlets, and rugs

The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory
Introduction to the tools, equipment, fibers, and yarns used with four-shaft looms, this reference features patterns for 600 different weaves, including twill, zigzag, diamond, herringbone, and block
UK: Handweavers Pattern Directory

The Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
A thousand different patterns on more than 25 weave structures.

Swedish Handweaving
180 handweaving patterns for pillows, curtains, blankets, rugs: 4 harness twills, honeycomb, lace, rosepath, extended point twills, damask.
UK: Swedish Handweaving

Hemp Yarns


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